Annually hundreds of youth from across America come together for six days to repair and transform homes in our various communities, performing hands-on home-repair projects for elderly, low income, and disabled families.  The work at each home is done by a team of young people, and at least one adult leader. Both labor and materials are free to qualifying households Eligible repair projects may include:

  • Porch repair/construction
  • Step repair
  • Wheelchair ramp repair/construction
  • Mobile home skirting
  • Exterior painting
  • Roofing (no tear offs)
  • Interior painting

In 2012 EnAct partnered with Group Mission Trips to sponsor a work camp. The first workcamp camp was in Clendenin WV, there were 350 campers and adults that stayed at Herbert Hoover High School they worked on and completed 51 homes.  In 2012 EnAct held another camp in Clendenin with 400 campers attending and 59 houses worked on and completed.  The campers also stayed at Herbert Hoover School.  In 2015 EnACt went to Boone County there were 370 campers and 54 homes worked on and completed.

In 2016 the camp was moved to Stonewall Middle school.  EnAct had 67 campers and 402 houses were worked on and completed.   2017 The camp was back in Clendenin but due to the flood the campers could not stay at Herbert Hoover or Elkview Middle school so Sissonville Middle Scholl offered their school for the campers to stay in while they worked mainly on houses that had been affected by the flood.  There were 55 campers and they worked and completed 330 houses.  EnAct is planning another camp in Clendenin in 2018 and at the present time we have 350 campers signed up for the camp.  They will be housed at Elkview Middle School.  We are looking at 58 houses to be worked on.

The students arrived on Sunday and were divided into six person work crews and given their project assignments. Throughout the week, the youth worked on reconstructing sagging porches, building wheelchair ramps, painting, and various other projects.

To help make the work camp possible, EnAct Community Action has worked with AEP, Home Depot, and the Kanawha County Commission in obtaining grants for the supplies and materials to be used. In addition, EnAct Community Action teamed up with the Boone County Board of Education to provide the kids a base at Sherman High School where they ate, slept, and prepared for the day. EnAct Community Action cannot that the above sponsors enough for their generosity and support.

Pictured at the right is a before and after shot of a home in Boone County from July’s Workcamp.

Colorado based Group Workcamps facilitates work camp mission trips throughout the United States offering youth the opportunity to participate in providing vital repairs to homes while strengthening their faith. For more information on Group Workcamps visit

workcamp before

workcamp after