EnAct’s employees and other organizations have seen a major increase in customers needing assistance with their utility bills. The process of receiving utility assistance can be timely and frustrating. Here are a few tips to help:
  1. Always call the agency to make an appointment. Be sure to be on time for your appointment. This will save you time and money.
  2. When you go to your appointment, make sure you have your ID, proof of income, and termination notice.
  3. Most agencies can only assist on a 30-day billing cycle. For example, if your bill is $80, and the 30-day amount of that bill is $50, the organization will only be able to pay the $50 of the $80 amount.
  4. Most agencies can only assist with a certain amount of funds for each customer regardless of the total bill. Be sure to exhaust all possibilities to get as much of your bill paid.
  5. Always make sure to make a payment towards your bill. Every payment counts.
  6. Last but definitely not least, do not wait until the day before your termination notice or the day of your termination to seek help. Pursue assistance as soon as you receive your termination notice. This will be extremely helpful in avoiding a disconnect.
I hope these tips are helpful.
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