EnAct Community Action is currently accepting applications for the Emergency Repair & Replace Program (ERRP) in Boone and Clay counties in West Virginia.

Applications are being accepted for the ERRP program which aids households at or below 60 percent of the State Medium income guidelines in need of emergency heat, i.e., the repair or replacement of malfunctioning or non-operable heating units. The home’s primary heating system must have one of the following criteria to receive services:

  • Have a non-operable or severely malfunctioning and/or unsafe heating system potentially endangering the household’s health and/or well-being.
  • Is using portable heating devices such as, but not limited to, electric and kerosene space heaters as a primary source of heat.
  • Is using unvented gas/propane space heaters as a primary source of heat.
  • Is using an unsafe fireplace or solid fuel.
  • Have a fireplace or stove, but do not have access to, or the means to purchase solid fuel.
  • Is using any type of gas fired cooking appliance as a heating source.

If the dwelling has been previously weatherized and the furnace has quit working after the warranty period, the home is still eligible for ERRP services. Central air-conditioning which is part of the heating system may also be covered.

For more information on how to apply for the No Heat Emergency Program, please contact Ted Dues at EnAct Community Action’s office at 304-414-4475, tdues@enactwv.org, or apply online at https://mylitt.com 

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